Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

One Mother's Experience Without Child Support

Reporter Brandon Block shares an example of how the state intercepts parental assistance to people who also receive TANF, or welfare.

In 2017, Amy Roark applied for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program after one of her exes stopped paying his child support.    

She began to receive money through the program, but as these funds started coming in, she stopped getting payments from her exes altogether.   

This was thanks to a Washington policy which intercepts child support to families on TANF. Lawmakers are pushing a bill that would redirect a portion of future payments back to these individuals.   

In this episode, we speak with Crosscut’s Brandon Block about his reporting on Washington’s interception of child support, including why it happens and how it affects families like Amy’s.   

Read more about Washington's practice of intercepting child support payments for TANF recipients – a common practice in most states – here



Host/Producer: Maleeha Syed and Sara Bernard

Reporter: Brandon Block

Story editor: Ryan Famuliner

Executive producer: Sarah Menzies


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