Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Saying Bye To Beloved Third Places in Seattle

We spoke with Cynthia Brothers, founder of the project that highlights disappearing institutions and cultures in the city, about losing public spaces.

Coffee shops. Churches. Gyms.   

These are just a few examples of what you might consider your “third place” – a spot you go outside of work and your home to hang out and connect.  

The concept of third places isn’t new, but it has seen renewed interest in recent years as we navigate the social fallout of COVID-19 and increased screen time.  

In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed chats with Cynthia Brothers of Vanishing Seattle, a media project that highlights disappearing institutions and cultures around the city, about why we’re seeing some of our third places disappear and what it means to lose them.  



Host/Producer: Maleeha Syed and Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

Reporter: Maleeha Syed

Story editor: Ryan Famuliner

Executive producer: Sarah Menzies


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