Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Palestinian, Israeli Women on Friendship, Hope

The two, who met years ago through a peace organization, spoke about their lives before and after Oct. 7 at a Town Hall Seattle event on Friday.

All eyes have been on Gaza since October 7, when Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel that killed around 1,200 people. Since then, Israel has killed upward of 30,000 Palestinians, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.  

The war between Israel and Hamas has sparked global outrage, triggered widespread calls for a cease-fire and led some Americans to vote “uncommitted” in the presidential primary – an attempt to get President Joe Biden to take a harsher stance on Israel.  

Still, there have long been efforts to build connections between communities tied to the war. One example is Tomorrow’s Women, an organization dedicated to facilitating dialogue and empowering young Israeli and Palestinian women to work toward peace.  

This episode of Northwest Reports is an edited version of a live event at Town Hall Seattle where Lana Ikelan, a Palestinian journalist, and Noga Bar Oz, a Jewish Israeli musician, shared stories about growing up in a divided world, their work as peacemakers and the ways the war has impacted them. Afterward, the women, who met in 2016 through Tomorrow’s Women, spoke with Northwest Reports co-host Sara Bernard about their relationship, their experiences before and after the war began, and what they continue to hope for.  



Host/Producer: Sara Bernard and Scot Michael 

Reporter: Sara Bernard

Story editor: Ryan Famuliner

Executive producer: Sarah Menzies


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