Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Behind the Scenes of the Mossback Podcast

Producer Sara Bernard offers a peek into how the moss is made and teases what lies in wait for listeners in the podcast’s fifth season.

Mossback’s back!  

The beloved video series has returned, and host Knute Berger continues to explore Pacific Northwest history. The fifth season of the companion podcast that Knute co-hosts with Stephen Hegg is back, too.  

A couple of episodes are already out – about deadly avalanches and the effort to cover up a Boeing plant during WWII. There’s a Northwest Reports connection, too: Host Sara Bernard has been producing this latest season of the podcast.  

In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed catches up with Sara to get a behind-the-scenes peek at how this season is shaping up. The two talk about the insight Sara got into PNW history; her work to bring the show to life through audio; and what it was like to try clam nectar for the podcast.  

Listen to the fifth season of the Mossback podcast here



Host/Producer: Maleeha Syed and Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

Reporter: Sara Bernard

Story editor: Ryan Famuliner

Executive producer: Sarah Menzies


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