Wednesday May 22, 2024

Meet Samuel Wolfe, Director of Origins Season Three

Wolfe and his team will focus the five-part docuseries on reefnet fishing and its significance to PNW Indigenous communities.

Cascade PBS has just revealed what’s to come in the third season of Origins. 

The company recently announced Samuel Wolfe as the director chosen to take on the newest season of Origins, a project that awards regional filmmakers $40,000 to create a docuseries on communities they belong to. Previous seasons have focused on refugees in the state and the experiences of growing up Black in Seattle.  

For the third season, Wolfe is going to explore the relationship between Pacific Northwest Indigenous communities and reefnet fishing.  

In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed talks to Wolfe about how he plans to bring his five-part docuseries to life. Wolfe explains what reefnet fishing is; how his identity impacts his perspective; and what he hopes will come out of the project.  

Read more about the upcoming season of Origins here



Host/Producer: Maleeha Syed and Sara Bernard

Guest: Samuel Wolfe

Story editor: Ryan Famuliner

Executive producer: Sarah Menzies


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